Building a Home on Wheels

Some of the coolest cars I’ve seen recently haven’t really been cars at all. SInce I’m normally struck primarily with speed, it’s a shock that I was so taken by some of the innovative designs that creative individuals (yes, mostly hippies and hipsters, so not exactly my kind of people, haha) are coming up with.

Specifically, I’m talking about tiny home, and especially the ones that are built on wheels.

What Tiny Homes on Wheels Are

tiny home in a busIf you’re like me, you probably hadn’t heard much about this concept until recently. Apparently, there’s been this tiny house movement that has been gaining in popularity, as people look to find cheap ways to live that also help them have less of a carbon footprint.

Given the engines I usually build, you probably know I don’t think too much about carbon footprints on daily basis!

At any rate, these people are building small houses, known as tiny homes, and many of them are built on top of trailers that can be moved easily (with a pickup truck, for instance), or within older, larger vehicles, like revamped 18-wheelers or school buses.

This is a pretty cool idea, so thought I’d share it with you.

How To Build It

When a person is beginning to prepare for his tiny house build, he first digs through one of the many design ideas or books out there on the topic. He’s looking for inspiration, but let it be known that no two tiny homes are exactly alike.

These aren’t your mass-manufactured mobile homes that are shipped off to an RV park, but are generally creative spaces for middle class, or even wealthy young individuals and couples.

Some of the best design ideas include aspects of the environment they’re living in. For example, many West Coast homes don’t have a need for extra insulation since they have mild winters, or might take in a large open view of a secluded property instead of walling off all aspects of the house.

This one is actually one of my favorites, because it looks like a normal house, just…smaller.

Check out more concepts at

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